Cannabis and Auto Insurance

It may be difficult to believe, but of the fifty United States, only six are fully illegal. The remainder run the range from fully legal for recreation and medicinal to decriminalized. The question for many of our clients is, “will personal marijuana use affect my insurance coverage?” Not from an automated standpoint, but there are areas where marijuana could affect your auto insurance premiums.

Cannabis and Auto Insurance

Clients should be aware that Driving Under the Influence will ruin the driver’s auto insurance premiums regardless of whether it was alcohol, cannabis, or even prescription medication. If you do indulge, don’t drive.

The challenge for traffic police is the lack of reliable roadside intoxication testing. Many companies are attempting to develop effective roadside toxicology solutions. In the meantime, officers are relying on so-called field sobriety tests to judge impairment. Field sobriety tests are somewhat subjective, making it easier to fight in court, but the court also regards the officer as the expert in this determination.

In many states, the industry of employment is considered acceptable criteria to use when calculating driver risk. Drivers who work in the cannabis industry could see a higher rate to their employment in that field.

Into the Future

As cannabis legalization is still so new and state and Federal laws have not yet reached an equal balance, it is unclear how many ways cannabis will cause higher premiums. If you have concerns due, reach out to your Aspen Insurance advisor to assess your exposure and minimize your risk.

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