Custom insurance designed to protect businesses in the cannabis & hemp industries nationwide.
Cannabis and hemp insurance, Denver Colorado

The cannabis, CBD and hemp industries are new, controversial and face ongoing scrutiny in addition to normal business risks. As a result, smart business owners must pay close attention to their insurance coverages and exposures in order to protect their assets and investors to the best of their fiduciary ability. There is still a lot of unknown exposure in the industry, but the proper coverage and expertise advice and guidance can help mitigate that risk. We highly recommend you speak with us, along side with your attorney, about your cannabis and hemp insurance, to make sure you have the proper coverage on an annual basis. Working with a company and its licensed advisors who have been insuring business in the cannabis space since legislation in one of the best ways to protect your business, your employees, your clients and the industry we all advocate for. 

What’s your business?

We provide custom insurance coverage based on the exact needs of our clients.

What’s our business?

We help cannabis and hemp companies understand and mitigate risk.

Aspen Cannabis Insurance provides high quality,  competitively-priced, customized insurance coverages from industry reputable companies that actually cover cannabis operations to make sure all of our clients are properly protected. We have an extensive knowledge of the cannabis and hemp business insurance sector, participating in numerous industry organizations, statewide association events and other industry workshops so we remain informed of any regulatory changes, challenges and opportunities to continue to help our clients. Advisors at Aspen work with a large number of insurance underwriters that are able to creatively help our clients protect their businesses, oftentimes when other insurers said it wasn’t possible. Our job is to protect our clients, protect consumers and protect the industry we all love and support.

We currently offer cannabis and hemp insurance in the following states. Please contact us if you are in a location not listed as we’re adding new states on a regular basis.

Arizona • Colorado • Massachusetts • Minnesota
Missouri • Oklahoma • Oregon • Washington

Years and years of experience

We’ve been insuring business for more than 25 years, and have worked with cannabis and related businesses since the day it was legalized.
We have a proven track record of crafting the best coverage, finding the most competitive price and being there when our clients need us.
What’s more, we are a full-service brokerage firm – not simply an insurance representative – with the ability to work with any insurance company and the depth to provide quality customer service.