Our experience.
Our customer service.
You’ll see the difference.

Aspen Cannabis Insurance has provided insurance coverage for the cannabis and hemp industries since they were legalized. It is a sister company to Aspen Insurance Agency, a firm with 25+ years of experience.

We are very knowledgable of the cannabis/hemp industries – well beyond firms that don’t specialize in these industries. We not only understand the industry, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.

We are a full service firm

Unlike an individual insurance broker – which is very common in this industry – we have the depth to provide the highest quality of customer service to our clients. If our clients ever have an issue, we are there 24/7.

With multiple brokers and a high volume of business, we also have the ability to work with countless insurance providers to make sure we can provide the coverage our clients need, at the most competitive price.

We only work with quality insurance providers, doing our best to make sure there are never any surprises down the road.

“My insurance broker never even mentioned coverage for my inventory. Sure enough, we had a shipment on a pallet ready to go that was stolen. Cost us well into the six figures.  Aspen not only helped protect us against that peril in the future, they also showed us other areas of our business where we should have protection. I highly recommend Cindy and her team.”

When you’re ready to discuss your insurance needs, you can count on Aspen to take the time to understand your needs and craft a custom plan of coverage that mitigates your future risk. We will handle all the details of writing and implementing your policy, and will be there if you ever have any questions, concerns or claims.

That’s how Aspen Insurance has always done business.